The Charity for Environmental Illness

MCS-Aware Magazine #011

MCS-Aware Magazine Issue 11, Winter 2013

Issue 11, Winter 2013, 36 pages.

  • What's in Your Toiletries?
  • Diagnosing CFS Through Excercise
  • Interview with Dr Rea - Dr John R Lee
  • Helminth Therapy - John Scott
  • Sulphite-Free Wines - Neil Palmer
  • EMF Shelter in France
  • How to Buy Gifts for the Chemically Sensitive
  • My MCS Story - Amelia Hill
  • A Letter to Patients with Chronic Disease - Dr Rob
  • Reviews: Gigha's Natural Skincare: Chickweed moisturiser; Sonnet Neutral liquid hand and body soap
  • Plus: recipes, news, research, letters, new products.  

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