The Charity for Environmental Illness

MCS-Aware Magazine #002

MCS-Aware Magazine Issue 2, April 2006

The original MCS-Aware Magazine started life back in 2005 and was called MCAFI (Multiple Chemical and Food Intolerance).

Issue 2, April 2006, 48 pages.

  • Pesticides – Georgina Downs' campaign
  • Health Kinesiology – Jane Thurnell-Read
  • Living With Dairy Intolerance, Jonathan’s story – Lissie Faulks
  • Rough Guide to Incapacity Benefit – Samantha Jackson
  • Dairy alternatives – animal milks
  • Dairy-free recipes
  • Teff flour & recipes
  • Prenatal pesticide exposure may delay development
  • Far Infra Red Saunas – Alistair McLachlan
  • Pilots inhale toxic gases
  • Plus: news, research, celebrity gossip, Brain Fog Diaries, puzzles, short story by Simone Webber.

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