The Charity for Environmental Illness

Greeting Card - Canary

A cheery large greetings card exclusively designed by Minter-Kemp.

People with MCS are often called 'canaries' after the birds miners carried down into the mines to warn them of poisonous gases. This gorgeous card was specially designed for us by Minter-Kemp, reknown for their fine art and amusing cards. Perfect for birthdays and all occasions to bring a smile.

These great value cards are blank inside for your own message.  Text on the back reads: "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a physical illness which can affect anyone at any stage of life. Sufferers have severe reactions to chemicals in everyday products, medicines, foods, and can have debilitating electro-sensitivity."

These large cards are 148.5 x 210mm and individually wrapped. All proceeds go directly to the MCS-Aware charity helping people with Environmental Illness. £1.35 each.

Units in box: 1