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Janice-Tunnicliffe-electro-sensitiveEHS Treatment

There is no simple cure for Electro-Hypersensitivity, but most sufferers find their symptoms improve when they avoid exposure. Once a sufferer has worked out what's causing their illness, they can protect themselves using shielding materials or by moving away from the source. Using an appliance less, turning it off (phones and WiFi can be replaced with cabled versions), unplugging appliances when not in use, and sitting or sleeping away from problem sources can all help.

Occassionally individuals can experience flu-like withdrawal symptoms for a day or two as their body re-adjusts. Many people with both ES and MCS have found their electrical sensitivities improve when their chemical sensitivity is treated. Likewise, reducing exposure to ES triggers can improve chemical and food sensitivities, as it reduces the body's total load.

Janice Tunnicliffe (above), developed EHS after she received chemotherapy for bowel cancer three years ago. Her story appeared in the Daily Telegraph. She suffers headaches, chest pain, nausea and tingling in her arms and legs whenever she is near electrical devices. She said, "iPhones make me feel really sick within about 20 minutes of being near one. Wi-Fi makes me feel like I have a clamp at the back of my head, which is squeezing the life out of me. It's completely draining and a home hub can totally immobilise me - I'm left unable to move my arms and legs."

Various meters are available to test for and measure electrical, magnetic and microwave frequencies. The more expensive ones tend to be more sensitive to a greater range of levels. Shielding can be as simple as layers of earthed aluminium foil, or more expensive, purpose-made wiring, paint or fabrics. Care needs to be taken when selecting and using shielding materials as they can make things worse if not used properly. Some ES products may not be suitable for people who are also affected by chemical sensitivity. For products and services that measurably reduce the amount of EMF exposure, download the ES Directory UK

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