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Sample Magazine 2016 final versionfront coverONLINEWant to know which toiletries are safe?   What cleaning products to use?   Where to find an MCS practitioner?

You don't have to pay to join MCS-Aware, you can download some of our leaflets free and get our e-newsletter. However if you do join we can send you even more stuff AND every penny you pay as a subscription (£2 per month) will help our charity cover things like website maintenance, printing and admin. Because MCS-Aware receives no external funding we rely on your subscription or donation to keep going! See what we're offering here.

If you are already a support group member please see your 'Information Request Form' for the latest version of what is available - over 150 helpsheets and leaflets completely free.

  •  How to be Fragrance-Free Leaflet: useful products for toiletries and cleaning CLICK HERE.
  • About MCS Leaflet: - 3-fold information leaflet to explain MCS CLICK HERE
  • What is MCS Leaflet: - A5 information leaflet for visitors, including guidance for being fragrance-free CLICK HERE
  • What is SEVERE MCS Leaflet: – as above for visitors, but with an emphasis on SEVERE MCS CLICK HERE
  • Magazine: Free sample MCS-Aware magazine for multiple sensitivities CLICK HEREHow to be  Fragrance Free 1
  • EI Poster: Do these make you ill? CLICK HERE
  • Letter to give to Health Practitioners explaining Electro-Sensitivity by Dr. Andrew Tresidder, GP Patient Safety Lead at NHS Somerset click here
  • Electro-Sensitivity Directory 2017 – List of suppliers and services for ES click here
  • Feeling Suicidal - Tips on coping with feelings and living with environmental illness. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Fundraising Pack - Easy ideas even if you're housebound. Click here. Includes sponsorship forms
  • Sample Magazine – Free, pictured above Download here     Contents : Is candida making you ill? Accepting long term illness, Gluten-free playdough recipe, Central Heating for MCS and EHS, Are we Microwaving our Children? Recipes, How to Stay Safe with MCS, Blood tests for sensitivities, What’s affecting your health? You are what you wear, Cheap and natural ways of cleaning, Sorghum – a gluten free grain, Paper suppliers for MCS, Your Letters, Reviews: Meaco dehumidifier, plus Conscious Medicine book by Gill Edwards. 28 pages (usual magazine size 48 pages).
  • Have you ever considered organ donation? Organ donation saves lives. This guide offers helpful information, such as awareness about the life-saving importance of organ donations and who is eligible to become (and register as) donors: CLICK HERE

More resources and back issues of the MCS-Aware magazine are available from our shop here. For the full list of over 150 available helpsheets including help with PIP applications please join the support group.

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