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The Government are planning to install Smart Meters in every home and workplace in the UK by 2019 to provide real-time monitoring of your gas, electricity and water. Some areas have already started installation. The meters will transmit your information (how and what you’re using) approximately every 30 minutes to a hub in the street which will pass the information on to a new central Data and Communications Company. This raises concerns about privacy, security and health: Why does your information have to be broadcast so often? Who will have access to your personal information? Can the wireless network be hacked into? What implications are there for people with environmental illness? Download flyer here.


Tired, headaches, can’t concentrate, can't sleep?

The continual exposure of pulsed microwave radiation from the new Smart Meter network as well as existing phone/ TETRA/ Wi-Fi networks will mean your home or workplace could exceed the recommended safety levels for non-thermal radiation exposure. Children and those that are vulnerable are likely to see increasing levels of ill health. A wired fibre optic network would not emit pulsed radiation and is a much safer option.

A wireless network is a cheap option for the suppliers, not the consumer. A fibre-optic network would be a better long term solution for future technology, a safer option for our health and could ensure the privacy and the security of our personal information. Write to your MP now!

Watch this excellent video with information about Wi-Fi in schools and the possible health effects. Please share widely.

What are we doing?

MCS-Aware continues to campaign for awareness about the adverse affects of new smart meters for people with Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS). In response to the UK Government Commission’s Select Committee Enquiry MCS-Aware proposed that:

a) In the first instance a fibre optic network be utilised for the Smart Meter scheme. If this is not possible then:

b) Smart meters should broadcast no more than once per day (ideally once per week) at a fixed time and during daylight hours.

c) A wired HAN be provided as an option for all consumers.

d) That there will be no future hidden charges for EHS people with analog meters (e.g. different tariffs) or those who move house and need a smart meter removed.

e) In future analog meters will continue to be replaced with analog meters without charge for those with EHS.

f) That where necessary shielding be provided for people with severe EHS to shield from neighbours’ meters.

g) That provision is made for people severely disabled by EHS to be re-housed in an agreed area with low levels of electro-magnetic and microwave radiation, with compensation for loss of job and community.

h) That utility companies are educated and at all levels accurately able to inform disabled people with EHS of their rights and options.

Thanks to everyone who managed to contribute a last minute submission -read them here. A Smart Meter information pack is available for MCS-Aware members below that includes information about shielding. As well as gas and electric, the smart meter systems are also going to be used for water meters and street lighting in some areas. Increasing amounts of white goods (fridges etc) will also become wireless so they can communicate with the central hub in your house (HAN) for more efficient energy use. If you have any queries about meters in your area you should contact your service provider in the first instance. It would be really helpful to know what kind of response you get. All evidence is useful when discussing EHS problems with government committees. Email or post comments to MCS-Aware here.

Further Reading:

Useful Resourcessmart meter pack jan 2014 pic

Smart Meters - an information pack for electro-sensitivity by MCS-Aware. Click here to download as a pdf. is a website with excellent general information about smart meters and has links to useful information, leaflets and research for Electro-sensititvity. website giving useful informaiton about the precautions to take with WiFi and electromagnetic fields.

Letter from Dr Andrew Tressider explaining ES to doctors

What are the ICNIRP health guidelines?

The inadequacy of ICNIRP guidelines

Bioinitiative Report 2012

The BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries and is a Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF). It concludes "Bioeffects are clearly established to occur with very low exposure levels (non-thermal levels) to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation exposures."

Cynthia Perkins has useful information about ES and smart meters in the USA


Also see Powerwatch article here with general infomation about smart meters (pdf)

ES-UK factsheet about smart meters

Smart meters may cause autism and cancer by Andrew Goldsworthy

 Olle Johansson letter to health officials

Article of the cost and health implications from Dr Mercola  - General information, campaign, leaflets and resources


Leaflets and posters

Letter to neighbours by MCS-Aware

Poster - No Smart Meters

Street Action Pack - 25 leaflets-  from

Information from Mast Sanity (pdf) 

More posters and leaflets are available from


Useful links for electro-sensitivity - Good source of information and leaflets for schools and parents about the effects of WI-Fi radiation on children's health.

ES-UK - Charity to provide information for people with electro-sensitivity

Tetrawatch - A research campaign against TETRA airwaves

Powerwatch - useful information about electro-sensitivity and health issues - An Alliance of partner organisations, parents, teachers, scientists, lawyers and other experts who work together to identify the issues and concerns regarding Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies in educational establishments. - The  CAVI   Society seeks to safeguard children from the effects of electro-magnetic radiation in the environments in which they spend the greatest amount of their time. - Some good information and leaflets particularly relating to schools.


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